Demonstration and Training Facility

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Founded in 1992, Shamrock Marketing, Inc. is a family-owned business headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

In their 40,000 square foot facility, they assemble machinery, ship and receive new and used equipment, and perform maintenance. The company maintains a multilingual sales and customer service staff. They have become the exclusive distributor for North and South America for Akarmak, a Turkish manufacturer of retreading equipment. This manufacturer is well known in Europe, but is new to the United States. They manufacture all types of very modern retreading equipment up through 63·inch giant tires with advanced computer technology.

Shamrock has installed a complete retread system in their Louisville, Kentucky facility using the Akarmak, Marigo, and Zeiss equipment. This plant is used to demonstrate the function of the different machines, as well as train customers who purchase the equipment. This service would provide potential customers with the opportunity to see and try any of the equipment or any used equipment that Shamrock has in their plant.

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For customers who purchase equipment, Shamrock can provide training on the operation and maintenance of the equipment before it is installed in the customer’s plant. Most of the new equipment is on site, including a 28-tire electric chamber, a computerized buffer, monorail system and all the other equipment for a complete retread plant.

Shamrock also has committed to maintaining a sufficient spare parts inventory for all of the equipment they sell. Shamrock VP, Doug Conley, Jr. is excited about the new services and products they are offering and is looking forward to the completion of the exhibits and training programs.