Bulldog Rubber Sealing Ring System

Special High Temp Compound for Extended Service Life

    • p11 Bulldog RingsNo assembly required, delivered ready-to-use right out of the box! Other supplier’s leave the assembly to you, but we help you save on labor and avoid hassle by providing your rings fully assembled.
    • Special rubber compound is designed for higher temperature curing processes offering you superior service life and less frequent replacement.
    • Easy fit & installation the conical ribbed rubber ring is easy to install and ensures a snug, tight fit across tire bead variations. And the locking cradle helps minimize envelope contact with the j-hook for worry free monorail movement.
    • Rounded, longer handle for comfort and to eliminate user fatigue. Also, you can stop buying plastic or vinyl handle covers because these don’t need them.

There’s Just No Comparison… Best Product, Better Service, Lowest Cost Per Cure

…or sold separately

Proper Care & Use Instructions