Our Exclusive Agreement with ZEISS Optimizes Shamrock Retread Quality

SMI Catalog 2016 Zeiss  INTACT V20  SCANNED TIRE
Shamrock offers the global optics leader’s proprietary shearography inspection technology in the Americas. This quality assurance system allows you to detect potential problem areas in the casing that cannot be identified with traditional inspection processes. The result is saved time, labor, materials – and – more satisfied customers.


zeiss chart2

  Advantages of INTACT® Shearography Machines:

Shortest cycle time on the market saving testing time

Vertical tire evaluation saves the hastle of tire flipping

No moving parts means maintenance-free cameras

Vibration-proof camera suspension

Automatic tire size detection means always correct settings

Red cross tool in software for easy remote support

Testing of shiny tires is no longer a issue easy testing

                                              INTACT 1200-4                                                                               INTACT 1200-2

Dual INTACT 1200-4   1200-1