Buffers, Builders, Pressure Testers, Cushion Extruder

TRM Srl (Tyre Retreading Machinery ) develops and manufactures the most sophisticated and technologically advanced systems for tire retreading.

For more than 35 years the Italian manufacturer has delivered solutions for all tire segments (passenger, truck, aircraft, and OTR) and retread systems by offering tailored solutions for clients worldwide.

Shamrock is the authorized distributor of the Latitude Series of equipment by TRM in North America.

The Latitude line is designed specifically for the U.S. market with a focus on automation.

TRM’s objective with the Latitude Series of equipment is to help retreading be more competitive with cheap new tires by moving the retread process towards automation.

Requiring fewer plant technicians also helps retreaders overcome many of the labor challenges they face today.



Automatic Truck Tires Buffi ng Machine designed to minimize process time, cut labor, and increase consistency in buff texture. This special automatic configuration reduces and footprint and expense from two machines. While the buffing tire on the first chuck, the operator can load and unload the tire from the second chuck: One operator, Twice the production.


  • Vertical buffing head and 3 axis movement
  • Dual expandable hubs
  • Dual belt detector and circumference measure
  • Embedded operating system
  • Automation components Rockwell
  • Buffs 15” to 24.5” tires
  • Buffs the widest super singles
  • Unlimited number of programs
  • Equipped with electric safety mats and light curtains
  • Adjustable tire rotation speed
  • PC with touch screen

  • One operator - Twice the production, lowest cost per buff (30 tph)
  • Reduced footprint from two machines
  • Belt depth monitoring and circumference measuring
  • Less dependent on operator skill
  • Consistent undertread using adjustable buff-to-zero-technology
  • Reduced expense from two machines
  • Efficient rubber dust removal and less maintenance required

    EAGLE TRUCK 2500 buffer is a fully automatic machine, suitable for both cold and hot retreading, designed to remove the residual tread from truck, bus and light transport vehicle tire casings with a high level of precision. The machine can simultaneously perform both the buffing of the tread and the brushing of the sidewalls following a symmetric or asymmetric programmed profile.


  • Vertical buffing head and real 3 axis movement
  • Buffing profile up to 4 radii
  • Hanging buffing unit for easier cleaning
  • Machine structure with arch frame to give solidity and precision in the process
  • Automatic cycle joystick operator for manual operation
  • Automatic blade-wear compensation
  • Automatic program to invert rotation of buffing head and brushes
  • Automatic tire lifting system for bead positioning
  • Control of total and partial production, both number of
  • Belt detector cycles and type of programs performed
  • Circumference measuring device
  • Webcam and modem connection for online technical assistance
  • Unlimited program capacity
  • Adjustable tire rotation speed (chuck driven on the axis)
  • Automation components Rockwell
  • PC with touch screen, display showing the actual circumference of the buffed tire

    Builder developed for the cold retreading industry and designed to apply pre-cured tread strips on truck, bus and light transport vehicle tyre casings. It is equipped with a support for application of calendered cushion gum and an automatic rotating knife to cut the pre-cured tread strips. The machine can be tread roll lifting system provided.


  • For tires from 15” to 24”, including 445/65R22,5”
  • Automatic stitching cycle (Radial stitching)
  • Limit switch for automatic tread length control
  • Foot pedal that controls tire rotation in both directions for manual cushion gum application
  • Expandable chuck unit driven centrally with gearbox motor
  • Rotating knife integrated in the machine
  • Crank for poly removal
  • Full tread rolls lifting system
  • Automation components Rockwell
  • BLACK SWAN 3000 by TRM


    Automatic extruder machine developed for the tire retreading industry and designed to fit the extruded cushion gum in strips on the tire casings to be retreaded. The machine is able to carry out the following operations:
  • Inflation of the tire on the hydraulically expanded mandrel
  • Automatic detection of the buffed profile before the application of the cushion gum.
  • Application of the cushion gum in strips with the consequent skiving filling (up to a maximum hole size 20x2mm)
  • Tire deflation at end of cycle. These operations don’t need the presence of the operator.

    Manual pressure tyre tester for inspection under pressure of truck tIres. The test is performed at 3 pressures, and 2 speeds can be set for the rotation of the tIre.


  • Test steps at 2, 6 and 8 bar
  • 8 bar test step limited to 10 seconds
  • Adjustable tire speed (2 speeds)
  • Pedal for tire rotation inversion
  • For tires 15” ÷ 24.5”