RENEW-IT Tire Paint & Shine

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!

Covering up chalk marks and imperfections is important. But what if you could also make your retread tire look brand new?  

With Renew-It Tire Paint & Shine you can do just that!

Renew it tire paint comparison

Better For Your Guys and Your Bottom Line!
Engineered to paint more tires per gallon than other brands, Renew-It will help your profits shine! Plus, the compound is designed to run through all spray applicator machines, meaning you’re no longer stuck with one brand of paint. It’s premixed, easy to use, and safe for the environment and the guys in your shop.


RENEW-IT Tire Paint & Shine

  • Premixed and Ready-To-Use
  • Spray, Brush, Mitt, or Sponge
  • Black Out Coverage with a New Tire Shine
  • Water Base, Safe and Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in The USA

Make an impression with Renew-It Tire Paint & Shine! IN STOCK & READY-TO-SHIP.

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