TRM has always been a leader in OTR retreading machinery, with several OTR plants in recent years; all top OTR retreaders worldwide successfully use TRM equipment.

Inspection stand OTR

Inspection stands are available in two versions:
• a simple version with tyre positioned onto rollers and rotation by electromechanical drive, with rotation speed controlled by an inverter;
• a more complete version with a central beam with adjustable height lifted by a hydraulic cylinder, motorized roller located on the beam to allow tyre rotation, and led lights positioned on the lower side of the beam to allow lighting of the inner side of the tyre.
The two machine versions can be offered in the ranges up to 35”, 51” and 63” tyres

Eagle OTR Buffer

Machine that can perform in an automatic mode the peeling, buffing, sidewall brushing, and grooving of the tyre by means of a turret with interpolated axis (peeling/buffing) and 5 axis during grooving. In alternative to the sidewall brushing a manual buffing arm can be installed.
The machine is built on a frame portal for installation under or above floor level and features a tyre holding group with bead plates system with automatic hydraulic opening/closing movement.
On request the machine can also be equipped only with one or two tools, in case of special applications. Available in three versions: up to 35”, up to 51”, up to 63” tyres.

Omega Xtruder OTR

Building machine featuring a cold feed pin type extruder with 120 mm diameter to allow building of the tread pattern with the strip winding method. Application unit with 4 interpolated axis, software able to compensate possible asymmetric casings profiles.
Machine built on a frame portal, tyre holding group with bead plates system.
Available in three versions: up to 35”, up to 51”, up to 63” tyres.

OTR Universal Press

OTR Universal Presses range with following features:
• Hydraulic movement and final closure
• Tubeless inflation system
• Automatic cycle controlled by PLC
• Loading/Unloading arm (for smaller versions) or movable loading unloading table
Inflation pressure 14 bars. Possibility to use 2 Halves & Conical Moulds
Available in following versions: 2300/25” - 2600/35” – 3300/49” – 4300/57” – 4600/63”