Outer Envelopes

Bulldog Envelope2The old saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. Well our envelopes can help! The dependable and snug fitting Bulldog envelope provides you with a seamless and smooth gum line for a great finish that you can be proud of. Bulldog envelopes are available for all systems including the popular rimless and double inner / outer system. For finished tires that leave a lasting impression choose Bulldog curing envelopes.

  • Modern metric molds and user-friendly skirts result in easy to use proper snug fitting envelopes.
  • Strict manufacturing quality procedures ensure consistent and dependable performance of the Bulldog in your shop.
  • Precision cross-section gauge creates even pressure transfer and contributes to an excellent looking finished tire.
  • “Trade Secret” permanent lubricant extends service life, makes for easy removal from the tire and eliminates the nuisance and costly job of lubricating the envelope.
  • Bulldog envelopes are all size color coded for added convenience.