William De Andrade, Manager of Operations, AMV Dominicana S.R.L.

“The envelopes are fantastic, I was very impressed with the quality, the rubber rings are also top of the line…. I’m really impressed. What I like the most is the appearance it gives to the tire, it doesn’t leave it too smooth nor too rough. It’s perfect, looks like a new tire.”William De Andrade, Manager […]

Ken, Plant Manager, White Tire, LLC

“We have been using the Top Cat envelope since October of 2006 and have had great results. We are averaging 200 plus cures with minimal up sizing. The product is very easy to work with and it is not prone to tearing on the spreader. It is also cost affective.”Ken, Plant Manager, White Tire, LLC

Scott, Retread Manufacturing Manager, Cross-Midwest Tire

“The Top Cat envelope and rubber wick pads have enhanced our abilities to produce a quality retread while saving production time and expense. The rubber wick pads are saving time with wicking installation, handling and shop cleanliness. Shamrock has helped our retread plants improve product quality and consistency while reducing waste costs.”Scott, Retread Manufacturing Manager, […]

Cliff, Retread Shop Foreman

“The Shamrock envelope also has the best designed exhaust valve on the market. I want to commend Shamrock’s support personnel from customer service to the tech engineers. They have been great.”Cliff, Retread Shop Foreman

Vern, Manager, Midstates Retreading and Wholesale

“I have not run across a curing envelope that will out last the Top Cat. We’ve had many of them go past 250 cures. Also nobody has a better price. I have run head to head tests (…) and Top Cat always come out ahead. The price and service leads to a lower cost per […]

David, Purchasing, Goodyear OTR

“…Shamrock Marketing’s level of Customer Service and Support Team are always quick to respond, highly competent and extremely courteous.” David, Purchasing, Goodyear OTR