Why Choose Bulldog Expandable Rim Services?

Because We Set A New Industry Standard.

Here’s What You Get:

- Fast pickup with door-to-door tracking

- Full inspection report with pictures and recommendations within 48 hours of rim receipt

- Genuine Bulldog rubber belts

- All new hardware

- Rim work completed within 48 hours for the most popular sizes

But That’s Not All!

- You get discounted labor rates when you send in multiple rims

- All rims get equipped with a safety pop-off valve.

- FREE return delivery when you add envelopes to your order. Ask your Customer Sales Representative (CSR) for the details

PLUS we carry a full inventory of Expandable Rim Parts & Components

Customer Service You Can Count On in 5 Easy Steps!

99% That Try us Switch Their Rim Service To Bulldog!

You've Waited long Enough, the choice is clear!